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Trieste Meeting on
the Transverse spin nucleon sum rule

Area di Ricerca, November 24, 2006

At SPIN 2006 the idea of a small workshop in Trieste, dedicated to the Transverse spin nucleon sum rule materialized, and the following message was circulated already at the end of October to a small number of physicists working on transverse spin effects:

Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 19:37:23 +0200 (CEST)
From: Franco Bradamante

Dear colleagues,
you probably are aware that in the spin community there is not
a unanimous interpretation of the "transverse spin sum rule"
that has been published by Bakker, Leader and Trueman in 2004.
This was clear, to quote just one instance, at SPIN 2006, from
a comment by X. Ji in his invited talk and from the discussion
which followed.
In Kyoto some of us thought it would have been a good idea
to sit down and discuss this point. I have spoken with Elliot,
and he accepts to come to Trieste, illustrate and defend his
sum rule, and partecipate to the discussion.
Therefore I would like to invite you to a one-day meeting
in Trieste to contribute to the elucidation of this important
point for transverse spin physics. On more general terms, it
would be good if, at the end of the day, the role of transverse
spin phenomena in understanding the nucleon spin structure could
be firmly reassessed. As you can see from the address list, this
invitation is made mostly to theorists. Four experimentalists,
two from HERMES and two from COMPASS, will try to sqeeze out
the most out of your competence and wisdom.
The day of the meeting is Friday, November 24. The meeting
will last the whole day, from 9 am to 5 pm, therefore we strongly
suggest you to come to Trieste on Thursday, in time to have
dinner together. Practical information will follow. I do hope
that, in spite of the short notice, you can accept this invitation.
For obvious organizational purposes, please confirm your presence
Best regards

The people who were invited to come to Trieste are:

* Mauro Anselmino
Vincenzo Barone
* Franco Bradamante
* Andrea Bressan
Umberto D'Alesio
Enzo De Sanctis
Markus Diefenthaler
* Anatoly Efremov
* Horst Fischer
Delia Hasch
Xiangdong Ji
* Rainer Joosten
* Aram Kotzinian
* Elliot Leader
* Anna Martin
* Piet Mulders
* Alexei Prokudin
* Marco Radici
* Philip G. Ratcliffe
* Gunar Schnell
Oleg Teryaev
Werner Vogelsang

Only the people whose name is marked with an asterix eventually could come to Trieste. A video-conference was set up to the benefit of the colleagues who were not able to come to Trieste, and Anatoly Efremov and Oleg Teryaev in Dubna joined in and partecipated actively to the meeting.

After an introductory talk by Elliot Leader on the BLT sum-rule, both Oleg Teryaev and Piet Mulders illustrated their view on the subject. Most of the time was dedicated to the discussion, and at the end of the day, both Elliot and Piet volunteered to write down their conclusions.

In the following some material is posted to the benefit of the community:

1. the talks by M. Anselmino, E. Leader, P. Mulders, and O. Teryaev
2. a short summary by Elliot Leader, sent on Nov. 29
3. a note by Piet Mulders, sent in on Dec. 5
4. two comments on Elliot Leader's note, by Gunar Schnell, sent on Dec. 7
5. a response by Elliot to the comments of Gunar and Piet, sent on Dec. 15
6. a note by Oleg Teryaev, sent on Dec. 18

F. Bradamante, January 7, 2007

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